Monday, July 12, 2010

'Fairy Garden Pond'

It is the middle of the day and the sun is up, I am rocking in my Rocking Chair admiring my Fairy Garden Pond.

The Flowers and the bushes surround the pond filled with Koi which are my pride and joy.
The Hardy Hibiscus have bloomed in pinks, red, and white flowering lovely in the beautiful sunlight.

I sit still, listen and watch hoping to see a Fairy sitting on a Lilly Pad or even a little Frog would make me glad.
I have a Mommy Bunny that had babies in my Fairy Garden and I carefully sit still and watch them hopping under the bushes playing in the Sun.

The Ornamental Grasses stand at least seven foot tall and sway back and forth in the wind while the Finches eat the seeds so high above.

I love my time sitting in the Sun rocking gently in my old Rocking Chair thanking God above for the beauty he has bestowed upon me.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

'A Meeting At the Dog Park'

I once met an unusual man full of love for animals and people. His name was Big Daddy Cash which I found quite different.
We met at a Park where people let their dogs play together. We sat and talked for a while about our lives and where it had led us. He told me of his unusual and descriptive past and I was fascinated listening to his story.
He had lived quite an unusual life compared to other people, he had many ups and downs, compared to other people more downs than ups until recently. He had started a business and he became someone that he didn't know he could be.
People began looking up to him and wanted to learn from him. He knew that his past had made him what he had become and was thankful for his past learning experiences althought not all of them were good.
We called our dogs to us and as he was walking away he said that he would meet me back at the Park and gave me a wink. I knew then that he was a good, happy man and a flirt to go with his personality.
I was anxious to meet him again and sit and talk about our past lives as we got to know one another. As we said our good-byes he walked away and turned around a gave me a wink as if to say, "I hope to see you another day."

Written by: Tamara Lesley

'A Letter from Your Friend in Spirit, Eric Sumner'

Dear Rachel,

I loved your visit tonight. Friends mean everything, especially when you are growing up. Choose good friends and make good choices.

Be happy, take life minute by minute and you will be less stressed.
Be a lady, don’t follow in the footsteps of those that are bad influences.

Remember the things that we talked about when you were sitting in the chair
and I was on the couch. You have all the time in the world for boys, enjoy
life and love your family. Family means everything, be there for one another.
I love you and want to see you smile and be happy. I want to leave you with a poem for you to remember. Let your light shine.

I am in your heart,
I am in your eyes,
I am in your thoughts
there are no good-byes.

I will be watching over you as your Guide and best friend.

Eric Sumner

Eric Sumner was hit and killed by a drunk driver driving a large truck at a party. He became angry and drove through the crowd running down Eric in all his fury and drunkeness.

This letter was given to me from Eric Sumner through his thoughts to my daughter Rachel Farly who was one of his best friends along with Darrell Grafton.

Written by: Tamara Lesley (Rachel Farley's Mother)

'A Tribute to Donald Eugene Wilcox'

Who could find such a friendSo dear?
It would be an endless Journey I fear.

The one I'm speaking of has Many names.
He is known as Father, Brother, Uncle,
Teacher, and most of all Friend.

The one most of all on his love could depend.
His laughter, his joy, his pureness of heart
has blessed our lives right from the start.

He knows no selfishness, and glows From within.
He has shared his love without ever finding fault.
He has allowed us to find our way in life watching
carefully to give a helping hand.

Our love to you our dearest friend Can only be
measured from deep within.

We know you are leaving us to go to the Light,
but our love will follow you for the rest of our life.

Your shining example we'll never forget.
The kindness you've shown all through your life has
touched so many, You are the love of our lives.

We honor and praise you for the love you have shared.
May God bless you on your Journey to him.
I know He is waiting for his Best Friend.

As you look down from Heaven above, we'll feel the
warmth from your smile and if you see us in a mess,
send us your love and say "God Bless."

Written by: Tamara Lesley
Dedicated to my Uncle Donny who was married to my
Dear Aunt Barbara, my Mother's Sister.

'Lifes Journey

As I journey through this life, I find it full of love and strife.
My outlook changes from day to day, rearranging the words I say.

If I am happy I spread cheer, love and light to all those who are near.
If I am down then I fear that my thoughts will drown those who are dear.

Looking upward to the sky, I look for that one star that catches my eye.
Winking in it’s golden light, I sense it’s connection through the night.
As the Universe and the moon ebbs the tide, I feel its closeness where I reside.

My feelings of love, despair and joy are controlled by my thoughts, if I allow
them to run amuck.

Life is made up of thoughts and wishes, and drives your heart to follow
where it must.

Think with love, compassion and joy. Listen to the vibration of the God
force within as it vibrates to the music that the Angels send.

On the wings of a dove oh so kind; our love could be wonderful if we would
listen not only to our mind, but to our heart that is so divine.

I must listen to the song within, cherishing each moment that the morning brings and see the light that makes my heart sing.

Quietly I look inside to feel a peace that will bring me cheer to share with others who are near praying that my love spreads peace, joy and happiness.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

'Promise Me Love; Show Me No Lying Eyes'

At the alter you said, “I do,” meaning that you would be true to me, and I to you.

After years of love and fun you forgot, that I was that one with love in my eyes and would be true to you.

Rock me baby in your arms, rock me baby with all your charms.
The one who loves you with all her heart, the one who trusted you from the start.

Look into my eyes and tell me no lies, for I would rather die than see your lying eyes.
Love runs deep within my veins, I’d rather forgive than our marriage change.

Tell me you love me after all, and that your mistake was your downfall.
Broken hearted though I may be, my heart still holds it's love for thee.
Promise me there will be no more, and I will forgive you and cry no more.

Questions of why and how it could happen will always haunt me as I close
my eyes to try to sleep.
Broken promises please no more; or I will have to walk out the door.

Love can only stand one pain and then I will never forgive again.
Hold me in your arms and promise me no more harm and I will forgive you as I lie in your arms.

You rock my world when I am with you. You rock my world when I am feeling blue.
You rock my world with all of your charms.

As the Angels sigh of our love growing nigh, it is up to you to rekindle our closeness from on high.
Pray for forgiveness to the one above as he is the one to rekindle our love.
I love you my darling when you are nigh.

God bless us on our journey on Earth, for you are the one I want to be with.
Rock me baby in you arms, rock me baby with all your charms.
I am your Angel and long to be the one that holds your hand eternally.

Written by: Tamara Lesley


If reincarnation is a fact, I would choose to come back.
I would prepare in my Mother's womb, an outlook on life
that would assume a life of love and inquisitiveness.

I would open my eyes wide at birth and then give the Doctor
a little smirk, a small cry at the lights so bright;
and then a smile to begin my life.

Knowing what lay ahead, I would plan a life so grand that
each life I touched would remember me;
and know how I had touched their life so tenderly.

Looking back one more time I knew in my heart that love was mine;
to share and cherish with others so dear, a blink of an eye
and a day of cheer.

Reincarnation is a fact, but proving it cannot be exact.
Each beginning is a new life to finish sharing love and light,
learning lessons and showing God that I share his light.

Written by: Tamara Lesley