Friday, July 9, 2010

Created With Love

Created with Love

Our Creator began by making a beautiful planet and named it Earth.
He saw beauty in the trees, the lakes, the mountains and the valleys.
He added a multitude of animals to inhabit this place called Earth and
saw his creation a piece of work.

He looked into the ocean and saw his reflection and thought he would
make man in his perfection and called him Adam; having done this he
created a woman named Eve, to be a partner to procreate his perfection.

He watched as they grew accustomed to their surroundings giving them
a gift of love which he gently called “choices.”
He made a tree that bare beautiful red fruit but forbade his likeness to
partake of it’s beauty with a warning of knowledge that they would soon
learn to regret.
He gave them a choice not to eat of the tree, or their punishment would
be for all of eternity.
Eve was wandering around and came upon the beautiful tree full of red
fruit; when a serpent dared her to partake of the shiny red apple and just
take a small taste of it.

Being a woman Eve couldn’t resist the beautiful color and the smell in the
beautiful morning Mist.
Breaking off a beautiful red apple from the tree she hid it behind her ;
as her Beloved had been searching for her in their beautiful space and had
come to find her.

She held the shiny red apple up to his face and lovingly bit into it just a
small bite.
Smiling she handed the apple to him, while he backed up knowing it was
wrong to partake of the beautiful fruit Eve was offering him.
Coyly, she smiled and took a bite and put the small piece into his mouth.

Our Creator grew sad because they failed the test of ‘choice,’ having been
warned of the consequences that came with remorse.
He opened their eyes to all they could see and bade them farewell with a
punishment of pain when giving birth to their offspring would become unbearable
for Eve to withstand.

Our Creator watched as they gave birth to two sons. He lovingly watched them as
they grew up quickly, not liking one another.
Later as they grew older one chose to take the life of the other one.
This broke God’s heart to see such hatred from the choice of Adam and Eve partaking
of the apple tree.

Sitting on high, he allowed Earth to grow and prosper as he watched how man
and woman developed in groups of people who would share in the mistake of
the choice of the pair he so lovingly prepared.
As the Earth filled with people our Creator shed a tear, and sent us Angels to
remind us he is near.

His love is never ending, yet he was surprised by his experiment of life and
how his likeness began to make many choices.
Choices of love, greed and gentleness were just a few that he tolerated with trust.

War began and he was sad how little man had learned from his dreams of a
perfect world full of love and light without ever thinking they would fight with
one another.

Now he watches and prays for our sins forgiving us lovingly, knowing the word
‘choices’ was a word that unknowingly would develop into lessons that we
must learn until we return home to the light to be with God the Father.

Rewards will be mighty, yet many will feel the pain that they caused others and
feel it as they are judging themselves as they lived their life.
Loving actions will fill the heart with joy knowing they shared their
light with the world.

Give of yourself freely and experience how love feels as you live
your life, until it is time for you to shed your body and become light and energy
once again when you return to God the Father.

written by: Tamara L. Lesley

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