Saturday, July 10, 2010

'Disaster 9-11'

'Disaster 9-11'

Watching the drama unfold of 911 on the dawn of a beautiful day, my heart filled with sorrow.

Tears flowed for the terror that may await us for tomorrow.

Sadness and horror gripped my heart as I watched in horror the start of a heart-breaking scene, knowing in my heart the terror of those who had been passengers and the occupants at the scene.

Firefighters, policemen and unknown hero's, entered willingly to risk their lives to save those so desperate to escape for their lives.

As we watched and prayed to God, our hearts sank for those who were lost.

The Attack on America shattered our belief, that hatred and War were mere thoughts of what happened to those in the War.

Having seen the horrendous acts of terrorism I must ask myself," Am I my brother's keeper, or his foe?"

Deep in your heart the answer you know.

Written by: Tamara Lesley copyrighted: 2007

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