Saturday, July 10, 2010

'Pearls In The Sand'

Universal thoughts transpire as you look at me not truly knowing how deep our feelings could be, as deep as the pearls in the ocean deep or lying in the sand and the heat.

Emotions of love and passion gamble among the reactions of what your heart shows and our actions to one another as our love grows.

Deep in our soul within and without lies the truth waiting for true love to find it’s way out.

Learning to live with one another’s faults, we wait to see if true love results.

Deep in the ocean there lies a pearl that has the wisdom for your answers to unfurl. The softness and the effervescent glow give way to your answer as you look within.

Our love will grow and shine as the pearl is waiting to be found.

Love is blind, yet you can see; you can feel and know that we are meant to be.

Time is precious and true friendship is hard to find as you look into my eyes and see what lies behind my smile and hopes to begin.

Day’s and nights blend as one, as our love unwinds we become one, your eyes smile at me, and my heart melts with love.

Emotions and reactions all come into play as we find our love grows stronger for one another each day.

Remember the pearl as it weathers the storm lying within its shell, waiting to be found and polished as well.

My love will never weaken with time, I am yours and you are mine.

Holding me close to your heart, I feel safe within and know that our love will never end.

Peace and harmony we have found just as the perfect pearl in the sand.

Touching is the secret of holding love in your hand, as precious as the pearl in the sand.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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