Saturday, July 10, 2010

'Dis-Ease of The Body'

Sitting in Church on Sunday morning we had a
guest Speaker talking about Disease.

He devided the word Disease into two syllables,
calling it Dis-Ease.

He described it as when we are ill, it is because
our Souls are at Dis-Ease with God.

I listened to him and my heart began questioning
his sermon.
How can this be if we are sick, yet close to God;
choosing to pray and live life as God tells us too?

Isn't our Soul just making it's home in an Earthly body
to experience life to teach us lessons of love and to
share our light?

When we pass over our Soul leaves it's body behind
to return to dust and our Soul goes back to whence
it came from.

No one is sick just because they are not right with God,
but simply because our bodies are weak.

Our bodies are just made of flesh and our Soul lives on
and on forever.

Why must we bring ourselves down by blaming Disease
on our selves, when believing in God has nothing to do
with it.

When our time is up, God calls us Home to share in all
his Glory, not because we are at Dis-Ease with him.

God loves us as his Children and does not make our
bodies sick just so that we may go Home to him.

When it is our time, we will pass away due to illness
or an accident; and God is waiting for us with his arms
wide open to receive us.

Never blame your self for being ill, these bodies are
sometimes in poor health, yet our Soul is strong.

So please believe in God and, if he isn't ready for
you to return Home then you will become well again.

Love your self for who you are and, take care of your
self knowing that you did not bring on any illness
because you were not right with God.

When the Sermon was over I questioned the Pastor
about his belief and he said, "It is your choice to believe
how you believe and, it is my choice to believe in my
thoughts of God and Dis-Ease.

I didn't change his mind right then, but I bet when he
sleeps on it and, prays about it then he will see things
my way.

The Bible says, "He who believeth in me shall enter into
the Kingdom of God."

If you are sick and depend on God in prayer; you can rest
assured that he will be there to catch you when you fall.

Trust in his Name and his will shall be done.

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