Monday, July 12, 2010

'A Tribute to Donald Eugene Wilcox'

Who could find such a friendSo dear?
It would be an endless Journey I fear.

The one I'm speaking of has Many names.
He is known as Father, Brother, Uncle,
Teacher, and most of all Friend.

The one most of all on his love could depend.
His laughter, his joy, his pureness of heart
has blessed our lives right from the start.

He knows no selfishness, and glows From within.
He has shared his love without ever finding fault.
He has allowed us to find our way in life watching
carefully to give a helping hand.

Our love to you our dearest friend Can only be
measured from deep within.

We know you are leaving us to go to the Light,
but our love will follow you for the rest of our life.

Your shining example we'll never forget.
The kindness you've shown all through your life has
touched so many, You are the love of our lives.

We honor and praise you for the love you have shared.
May God bless you on your Journey to him.
I know He is waiting for his Best Friend.

As you look down from Heaven above, we'll feel the
warmth from your smile and if you see us in a mess,
send us your love and say "God Bless."

Written by: Tamara Lesley
Dedicated to my Uncle Donny who was married to my
Dear Aunt Barbara, my Mother's Sister.

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