Monday, July 12, 2010

'Promise Me Love; Show Me No Lying Eyes'

At the alter you said, “I do,” meaning that you would be true to me, and I to you.

After years of love and fun you forgot, that I was that one with love in my eyes and would be true to you.

Rock me baby in your arms, rock me baby with all your charms.
The one who loves you with all her heart, the one who trusted you from the start.

Look into my eyes and tell me no lies, for I would rather die than see your lying eyes.
Love runs deep within my veins, I’d rather forgive than our marriage change.

Tell me you love me after all, and that your mistake was your downfall.
Broken hearted though I may be, my heart still holds it's love for thee.
Promise me there will be no more, and I will forgive you and cry no more.

Questions of why and how it could happen will always haunt me as I close
my eyes to try to sleep.
Broken promises please no more; or I will have to walk out the door.

Love can only stand one pain and then I will never forgive again.
Hold me in your arms and promise me no more harm and I will forgive you as I lie in your arms.

You rock my world when I am with you. You rock my world when I am feeling blue.
You rock my world with all of your charms.

As the Angels sigh of our love growing nigh, it is up to you to rekindle our closeness from on high.
Pray for forgiveness to the one above as he is the one to rekindle our love.
I love you my darling when you are nigh.

God bless us on our journey on Earth, for you are the one I want to be with.
Rock me baby in you arms, rock me baby with all your charms.
I am your Angel and long to be the one that holds your hand eternally.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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