Monday, July 12, 2010

'Lifes Journey

As I journey through this life, I find it full of love and strife.
My outlook changes from day to day, rearranging the words I say.

If I am happy I spread cheer, love and light to all those who are near.
If I am down then I fear that my thoughts will drown those who are dear.

Looking upward to the sky, I look for that one star that catches my eye.
Winking in it’s golden light, I sense it’s connection through the night.
As the Universe and the moon ebbs the tide, I feel its closeness where I reside.

My feelings of love, despair and joy are controlled by my thoughts, if I allow
them to run amuck.

Life is made up of thoughts and wishes, and drives your heart to follow
where it must.

Think with love, compassion and joy. Listen to the vibration of the God
force within as it vibrates to the music that the Angels send.

On the wings of a dove oh so kind; our love could be wonderful if we would
listen not only to our mind, but to our heart that is so divine.

I must listen to the song within, cherishing each moment that the morning brings and see the light that makes my heart sing.

Quietly I look inside to feel a peace that will bring me cheer to share with others who are near praying that my love spreads peace, joy and happiness.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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