Monday, July 12, 2010

'That's My Da-a--ddy'

Yesterday my husband and I were driving
through the beautiful country side looking
for flowers in bloom and new leaves unfurled.

All of a sudden my husband stopped and
turned the car around and then parked.

With his mouth open as if he were surprised
and not saying a word he pointed his finger
at a man in a field standing in the midst of
some sheep. He said, "Look at that man!"

This man seemed to be concentrating
on one sheep and I watched in awe
not knowing if I should make a peep or
just look away.

We drove into the driveway where the
man must live and I knocked on the
door hoping that someone was inside.

Much to my surprise a young boy about
nine years old opened the door with
white curly hair and said, "Yes-s, what's the

I explained to him that there was
a man in his field with his sheep and
that perhaps he might want to tell
his Daddy.

He smiled with pride and said, "Oh,
that-t's okay, that-t's just my Da-a-ddy!"

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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