Monday, July 12, 2010


If reincarnation is a fact, I would choose to come back.
I would prepare in my Mother's womb, an outlook on life
that would assume a life of love and inquisitiveness.

I would open my eyes wide at birth and then give the Doctor
a little smirk, a small cry at the lights so bright;
and then a smile to begin my life.

Knowing what lay ahead, I would plan a life so grand that
each life I touched would remember me;
and know how I had touched their life so tenderly.

Looking back one more time I knew in my heart that love was mine;
to share and cherish with others so dear, a blink of an eye
and a day of cheer.

Reincarnation is a fact, but proving it cannot be exact.
Each beginning is a new life to finish sharing love and light,
learning lessons and showing God that I share his light.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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