Monday, July 12, 2010

'Fairy Garden Pond'

It is the middle of the day and the sun is up, I am rocking in my Rocking Chair admiring my Fairy Garden Pond.

The Flowers and the bushes surround the pond filled with Koi which are my pride and joy.
The Hardy Hibiscus have bloomed in pinks, red, and white flowering lovely in the beautiful sunlight.

I sit still, listen and watch hoping to see a Fairy sitting on a Lilly Pad or even a little Frog would make me glad.
I have a Mommy Bunny that had babies in my Fairy Garden and I carefully sit still and watch them hopping under the bushes playing in the Sun.

The Ornamental Grasses stand at least seven foot tall and sway back and forth in the wind while the Finches eat the seeds so high above.

I love my time sitting in the Sun rocking gently in my old Rocking Chair thanking God above for the beauty he has bestowed upon me.

Written by: Tamara Lesley

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